Leather Types

Leather is a natural product – rigid quality control is of utmost importance. Passier saddles are made exclusively from European Calf leather and only the best sections of each hide are used. Leather will occasionally have natural characteristics such as insect bites or scars, which are typical of the appearance of genuine leather. With proper care Passier products have a very long lifespan and will retain their natural and classy appearance for many years or even decades.

Natural Grip Leather

Natural Grip Leather is a very soft saddle flap leather with excellent grip. It is tanned with a selection  of natural waxes und precious  vegetable and animal oils and is used in the construction of all  Passier saddles with PS Saddle Trees without doubling.  At an extra charge it is also available for saddles with Synthetic Saddle Tree.

European Calf Leather

This high-quality saddle flap leather is used in all Passier saddles with Synthetic Saddle Tree. It is a very hard-wearing and durable leather which has been in use at Passier for more than ten years in constant high quality.

Selloil Leather

Selloil Leather combines an extraordinary softness with a secure grip. It is used on seats, knee inserts and panels. It is exceptionally slip-proof, offering the rider comfort and security in the saddle while also keeping the saddle securely in place.

Super Soft Grip Leather (SSG Leather)

High quality Super Soft Grip Leather is used for all doubling on Passier saddles. It offers secure grip, soft touch and  sophisticated looks.