PASSIERBLU Dream Double Bridle

The PASSIERBLU Dream Double Bridle is part of the PASSIERBLU Collection and a dream come true! The anatomically-formed, extra-soft headpiece ensures optimal distribution of pressure on the horse’s poll, the horse-friendly Passier Caveson Special is anatomically-formed as well and softly lined. The waved browband comes with medium-sized Premium Crystals in Clear Crystal, with a brilliant sparkle that perfectly matches the stainless steel fittings or in Colorado Topaz, with a golden glow that looks beautiful when combined with brass fittings. Genuine only with the original PASSIERBLU label on the side of the browband.


Finest Passier bridle leather


Cob size, full size, over size




Stainless Steel, Browband with Clear Crystal
Brass, Browband with Colorado Topaz

Art. no. 828