Trapezius Relief Pad (TRP)

The new Trapezius Relief Pad (TRP) was developed by the dressage trainer Eberhard Weiß and perfected in close collaboration with Passier for launching on the market. The TRP distinguishes itself from conventional pads by means of the two special recesses in the sensitive rearward part of the trapezius muscle. These oval recesses provide demonstrable pressure relief: the horse can breath more freely and snort more contentedly. Furthermore the pad encourages better back activity and relaxation as well as promoting good muscle development and can also be used prophylactically against over-sensitive reactions to the saddle. The TRP has been tested at the renowned Graf-Lehndorff-Institute for Equine Sciences at the Veterinary Faculty of the University of Vienna and found to have a clearly positive effect. The studies confirm that use of the pad leads to relaxation and better suppleness of the horse in all gaits as well as having a very good effect on the horse’s well-being and ability to perform. Highly successful riders such as Ingrid Klimke, Hubertus Schmidt as well as Marcus and Johannes Ehning are using the TRP on a daily basis. The TRP is placed between Saddle and Saddle Cloth. Replacement covers for the TRP are available in the colors Black and White.


One size fits all

Art.-No. TEP 777

Art.-No. Replacement Covers in Black or White 452