Compact Dressage Saddle
Compact Dressage Saddle Detail

Compact Dressage Saddle

Invented by Passier: the perfect saddle for horses with a short back – and for their riders! Until now riders of compact horses always had to select a small seat size to avoid saddle pressure on the horse´s loins. But such a small seat area was often problematic for the rider. However: the era of compromise has ended because Passier has succeeded in making a big break-through with the Compact Dressage Saddle. The saddle combines a short contact surface for the horse with a significantly larger and more comfortable seat for the rider. Naturally the Compact also sets new standards regarding horse-friendliness. The panels give the horse greater freedom for the withers and the new W-girth arrangement ensures that the saddle remains firmly in place: whilst pressure is taken off the horse´s shoulder at the front, at the back the strap exerts just the right pressure in precisely the area where the greatest hold is required.

Eye-catcher: the saddle is now also available with sparkling Swarovski Elements on the stirrup strap loop and/or the skirt. The wide choice of design variations on the cantle opens up additional possibilities. Stop dreaming and start creating: select the leather, the trim and the Swarovski Elements and design your personal saddle. Dreams do come true!

Refinement with Swarovski Elements

Sizes: small (4,2 mm), medium (6,2 mm), large (7,2 mm)
Colors: Clear Crystal (Silver), Colorado Topaz (Gold), Graphite (Black), Rosé
Placement: on the stirrup strap loop and/or the skirt
More –> Passier meets Swarovski (pdf, 3 MB)

Design Variations on the Cantle

Leather trim/welt: Black, Havana, Teak
Patent leather trim/welt: Black, Havana, Blue, Rosé
Leather inside: Black, Havana, Teak
Patent leather inside: Black, Havana, Blue
Design leather inside: Marezzo Black, Marezzo Havana, Glamour Black, Tulip Rosé
Swarovski Elements: Single Row Clear Crystal, Single Row Colorado Topaz (Gold), Single Row Graphite (Black)
Swarovski Elements: Double Row Clear Crystal (Silver), Pearl Rosé (Pearls and Swarovski Elements in Rosé)
More –> Design Variations on the Cantle (pdf, 2 MB)


Seat and knee inserts: Selloil leather


PS saddle tree, deep seat, thicker thigh supports, W-girth arrangement, freedom panels


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The width of the gullet plate can be adjusted to different horses

Compact Horses – Special Requirements
Compact Horses – Special Requirements