Soft saddle seat

Hard to Believe, But True: Passier Saddles – Now Even Softer!

True to the motto: “Passier means comfortable” we have redesigned all Passier saddles for an even softer and more comfortable riding sensation.We have reworked the construction and use of materials from the ground up! In short: The seats are now even softer, the knee and thigh blocks are even more comfortable, the seams can no longer pinch and the range of quality leather we use is now even softer.
This rethink makes our saddles fit for all future requirements, because the riders of today do not only expect highest quality and product longevity, but also an extra-soft riding sensation. Our master craftsmen make sure that Passier is your one-stop source for that modern, wonderfully soft riding experience. Saddle up and enjoy the ride!

The secret of our success: less material is cut off the very soft seat lining, which allows for the construction of the seat to cushion the rider’s buttocks for a super comfortable riding sensation.

The skirt now runs farther down thus protecting the sensitive parts of the thigh from the stitching on the welts.

The seat lining now has an even wider shape and is fixed to the saddle tree in such a way that the edges on both sides feel comfy and soft.

The knee inserts are even more comfortable, because they are padded with super soft 15 mm (19/32") material. The blocks are also constructed from softer materials now, caressing the rider’s knee.