Leather Types in Top Quality

Leather Types in Top Quality

Leather is a raw material that comes from a natural source – which is why meticulous quality control is so important. The ideal cut is selected from each hide for Passier saddles. This means that natural imperfections such as insect bites or scars are rarely found in hides on Passier products. As exclusively purely vegetable tanned leather without an artificial finish is used at Passier, Passier products still look natural and extremely high-quality even many years later.

Selloil Leather

The softest, most comfortable saddle leather on the market right now and suitable for saddles, is non-slip and offers excellent grip. It is used for seat, knee inserts, and panels.

Patent Leather

The glossy, smooth leather has been varnished on the surface or covered with a shiny, glassy film and can be found at our browbands, bridles and snaffles.