1973 K-Saddle Tree

1973 Synthetic Saddle Tree

The Passier synthetic saddle tree dates back to 1973 – the first saddle with this tree is the one with the number 15281. The synthetic saddle tree does not replace the PS saddle tree but is used for other saddle models. The attractive price alternative to the classic saddle tree is made of elastomer which was tested under space conditions and cannot break under normal treatment. This is why Passier saddles with a synthetic saddle tree respond successfully to the highest demands and have a ten-year guarantee on the saddle tree. Passier‘s synthetic saddle tree does not require a stretch joint, as the plastic is so flexible that the material can adjust to possible changes of the gullet plate even without a joint. The synthetic saddle tree therefore also fulfills the optimum requirements for a perfect fit on the horse‘s back. Naturally all saddles with a synthetic saddle tree are also true unique pieces made from a master saddler‘s hand in Germany.