Juno Soft Snaffle Bridle
Juno Soft Snaffle Bridle Detail

Juno Soft Snaffle Bridle

The Juno Soft is the soft variant of the Juno Snaffle Bridle. The extra-soft padding of the head piece effectively reduces pressure on the horse's poll. The snaffle bridle comes with a browband with attractive stainless steel or brass clinchers. The standard configuration includes a flash noseband. A beautiful, horse-friendly snaffle bridle for everyday use!


Finest Passier bridle leather


1. Flash Noseband ➔ view
2. Dropped Noseband ➔ view
3. Figure 8 Noseband ➔ view
4. Caveson Special with Flash Strap ➔ view
5. Caveson Special with Bit Ring Recess and Flash Strap ➔ view
6. Caveson Special with Bit Ring Recess with Patent Leather Trim and Flash Strap ➔ view

Juno Snaffle Bridle
Snaffle Bridle