Hubertus Schmidt Double Bridle

The flat double bridle from the Passier Basic Line has been developed together with professional dressage rider, Hubertus Schmidt. The double bridle has a padded head piece which is especially easy on the horse. The Passier Caveson Special completes the elegant look. The Hubertus Schmidt Double Bridle is available either with an impressive browband with strass bullions, in patent leather with strass crystals or a classic padded browband.

Leather Finest Passier bridle leather
Padded head piece, browband with strass bullions, patent leather with strass crystals or classic padded browband, available Passier Caveson Special or Exchangeable Noseband for Passier Caveson Special without Flash Strap with Patent Leather Trim, available with stainless steel or brass fittings, 2 pairs of plain leather reins, bridle reins with one side rubber
Pony size, cob size, full size, over size



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