Here you can find out about the last ten press releases from Passier (provided as pdf-files).
If you want to be informed by Passier just in time, please get yourself accredited for the press distribution list by sending an e-mail to presse(at)

24.01.18 Simply WOW: PASSIERBLU Wave Leather Saddle Girth (pdf, 223 kb)

18.12.17 Super-soft & Bling-bling: PASSIERBLU Spirit Snaffle Bridle (pdf, 820 kb)

25.10.17 What’s that Bling-Bling?! PASSIERBLU Style Dressage Saddle (pdf, 474 kb)

26.09.17 IT’S NEW – IT’S BLU: PASSIERBLU Motion Jumping Saddle (pdf, 553 kb)

24.08.17 For relaxed riding: The TRP by Passier (pdf, 310 kb)

25.07.17 First choice worldwide: The Long, Curved Leather Saddle Girth (pdf, 625 kb)

14.06.17 For optimum distribution of pressure: Anatomically Formed Saddle Girth (pdf, 466 kb)

24.05.17 Comfort times two: The Optimum II Dressage Saddle (pdf, 336 kb)

25.04.17 A truly gorgeous Dressage Saddle: The Young Star II by Passier (pdf, 391 kb)

17.03.17 Optimal anatomical shape: The new Atlas Snaffle Bridle by Passier (pdf, 240 kb)

17.02.17 Now with new thigh block options: The Optimum Mono Dressage Saddle (pdf, 521 kb)

27.01.17 New look, same quality: Top care products by Passier (pdf, 195 kb)

08.12.16 Wonderfully soft: The Compact Dressage Saddle (pdf, 126 kb)

24.11.16 Ideal rugs for every use: Under rugs, stable & turnout rugs (pdf, 421 kb)

06.10.16 A quantum leap: The Comet III Jumping Saddle (pdf, 637 kb)

12.09.16 Optimum closeness to the horse: The Optimum Mono Dressage Saddle (pdf, 374 kb)

04.08.16 The Saddle for the perfect fit: The Corona II Dressage Saddle (pdf, 401 kb)

06.07.16 Convincing on every jumping course: The Arktur Jumping Saddle (pdf, 555 kb)

09.06.16 Perfect fit for all kinds of terrain: The Eventing Cross-Country Saddle (pdf, 363 kb)

04.05.16 Elegant and easy on the horse: The Hubertus Schmidt II Dressage Saddle (pdf, 792 kb)

08.04.16 Particularly horse-friendly: The new Ingrid Klimke Breastplate (pdf, 547 kb)

02.03.16 Anatomically-formed and shockresistant: Horse Boots and Fetlock Boots (pdf, 755 kb)

10.02.16 Breathable and advantageous: The new Ingrid Klimke Saddle Cloth (pdf, 1 MB)

18.01.16 Always in the correct position: The abs Dressage Saddle by Passier (pdf, 479 kb)

14.12.15 Fine protector made of Ripstop: The Saddle Cover by Passier (pdf, 269 kb)

05.11.15 Soft, Softer, Soft Touch Deluxe: New Stirrup Leathers by Passier (pdf, 337 kb)

15.10.15 For horses with high withers: “The Lifter” Panels from Passier (pdf, 675 kb)

28.09.15 Elegance at its best: The Optimum Pony Dressage Saddle (pdf, 609 kb)

06.08.15 The new Lambskin Pad by G. Passier & Sohn (pdf, 533 kb)

24.07.15 The Scorpius Snaffle by Passier (pdf, 778 kb)