Thomas Voß

On the jumping course Thomas Voß, successful German show jumper, places his confidence in products by Passier. He has been riding at international level for a long time now – and has led the winning line-up at numerous „Grand Prix“ events. Together with the German team, he has also won a number of Nations‘ Cup events – and was substitute rider for the German Show Jumping Team at the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

On these occasions he always used the same equipment: the Arktur Jumping Saddle, either the Scorpius, Neptune or Leo Snaffle Bridle or the Icarus Double Bridle, Phoenix Breastplate and the Marcus Ehning or curved Leather Saddle Girth.

Products used by Thomas Voß:

Arktur Jumping Saddle
Jumping Saddle
Icarus Double Bridle
Double Bridle
Neptune Snaffle Bridle
Snaffle Bridle
Scorpius Snaffle Bridle
Snaffle Bridle
Phoenix Breastplate
Curved Leather Saddle Girth, Long Style
Curved Leather Saddle Girth,
Long Style