Kristina Bröring-Sprehe

Kristina Bröring-Sprehe

Kristina Bröring-Sprehe is the shooting star in German equestrian sport, dressage team silver medalist at the Olympic Games in London and team gold medalist at the World Equestrian Games 2014. For many years all her successes have been achieved in association with saddles, bridles and accessories by G. Passier & Sohn.

Whether at Olympia on silver medal course with Desperados or in training with her young horse Fürst Fugger – Kristina Bröring-Sprehe rides with tack by Passier. By conviction. She achieved all her former successes in her GG Extra Dressage Saddle, the classic dressage saddle by Passier. Then she was one of the first to test the absolute world novelty, the new Sirius Dressage Saddle with -> frt-System® for free shoulder rotation. Her assessment and the assessment of her trainer Jürgen Koschel: "very good".

By way of bridles, Kristina Bröring-Sprehe uses the elegant, round Icarus Double Bridle and the round Neptune Snaffle Bridle. The saddle girth she uses is the anatomically formed leather saddle girth with elastic ends on both sides.

Every day anew, Kristina Bröring-Sprehe shows that talent as a rider, effective training and horse-friendly equipment by Passier make it possible to achieve top world performances. A very good partnership. With excellent prospects.

Products used by Kristina Bröring-Sprehe:

Sirius Dressage Saddle
Dressage Saddle
GG Extra Dressage Saddle
GG Extra
Dressage Saddle
Icarus Double Bridle
Double Bridle
Neptune Snaffle Bridle
Snaffle Bridle
Anatomically Formed Leather Saddle Girth
Formed Leather
Saddle Girth
"Velvet Touch Deluxe" Stirrup Leathers
"Velvet Touch Deluxe"
Stirrup Leathers
Lambskin Pad Dressage
Lambskin Pad
Leather Stable Halter
Stable Halter
Nylon Stable Halter
Nylon Stable Halter
Travel Boots
Travel Boots